First Steps to Learn Chinese Online

Have you just decided you want to learn Chinese and don’t know where to start? Although now you think it is mission impossible, at Classgap hundreds of students, have achieved their goals with the language much sooner than you can imagine.

To start your learning the first Chinese word you should know is “Pin Yin”, it is a phonological system that is used to initiate you in an easy way in Chinese pronunciation since it is based on our Latin alphabet letters.

It is necessary to recognize that Spanish speakers have ease when it comes to speaking languages such as Portuguese or Italian, but we make a mess when it comes to Chinese. Even so, we assure you that with Classgap’s online Chinese classes it will be much easier and more fun than you think.

Steps to Learning Chinese Online

Before you start learning Chinese or any other language you must be clear that to reach an acceptable level you need motivation, effort, and dedication. Now that you know that you want to learn Chinese with online classes and that the effort will be worth it, you just have to find out what are the first steps you have to take to not feel overwhelmed and overcome by the complexity of Chinese.

Start with the 4 tones of Mandarin: Mandarin Chinese is a language whose meaning varies greatly depending on the tone with which the words are pronounced. Once you understand the tones and the difference between them, you are ready to start learning Mandarin Chinese.

Learn basic vocabulary: when we begin to study a new language one of the first things to do is to make a vocabulary list, order it according to themes and start with those basic words that you are going to use more commonly in everyday life. You can set yourself the challenge of learning 5 new words in Chinese every day, starting with pronouns, colors, and numbers, when you are ready you can continue with more complex words such as days of the week and more extensive vocabulary.

Apply the PinYin method: once you already know several basic words and expressions you can start using the PinYin method with which you will learn to write and read Chinese using the Roman alphabet that you know so well. This method is very popular among Western students who want to learn Chinese, as it allows you to study Chinese without using its characters, but you will have to memorize the Pin Yin table if you want to pronounce the words correctly.

Dare with grammar: once you have mastered some of the most common Chinese words as well as their pronunciation and writing, you can move on to study the grammatical structure of sentences, learn how to formulate questions in Chinese, or in what order the different words should be in a sentence.

Now, the Chinese characters: Chinese has more than 50,000 characters, and a native speaker will know about 8,000, so you can get an idea of how complicated it is to master them. The only way to know them is to memorize them, spend time reading and writing Chinese, and spend hours of study to learn mandarin Singapore with Linda Mandarin.


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