Private and Individual Lenders

You need money.

You want to buy that car, or that house, or set up that business that will change your life, or simply give yourself that whim you’ve been dreaming about for so many years.

But unfortunately, with the money you have in your current account right now, you can’t afford it.

Ask a bank for a loan and spend years paying interest?

It doesn’t seem the most appealing option.

You have money.

After years of hard work you’ve managed to raise some capital. It may not be a fortune, but it is the fruit of your labor, so you are proud of it.

Of course, it would be nice if it had some yield and generated profits, because it doesn’t do anything in the bank’s deposit.

Do you buy shares? Do you play in the stock market?

Too risky. You wouldn’t be the first to lose everything.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, you have probably been looking for a satisfactory solution to your problem for some time without success.

Don’t worry, because you have finally found it: with Davies you can quickly and easily execute loans to individuals.

Don’t know what they consist of? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you right away, read on to find out all the details!

What are peer-to-peer loans

When people talk to you about giving or granting a loan, you probably automatically associate the idea with the need for some financial institution in between: a bank, a lending agency, and so on.

It’s only natural that you would think so, because for a long time it has been virtually impossible to do otherwise. However, thanks to the emergence of technologies such as cryptocurrencies, more efficient and even more ethical alternatives are available to the public.

The concept of peer-to-peer lending is actually as simple as it sounds.

It simply involves one private individual lending money to another, without having to use any other entity as an intermediary. The money involved does not come from the funds of any organization dedicated to this type of transaction, but from ordinary people.

In this way, several advantages are achieved:

  • More agile procedures. By dispensing with intermediaries we eliminate a lot of superfluous bureaucracy, making the whole process much faster and smoother.
  • Cost reduction. There are no third parties involved who will keep commissions, which means benefits for both the lender and the borrower.
  • Personalized service. Since this is a private business between individuals, they do not rely on anyone outside to impose any conditions on them. The parties are free to set the amount, interest rate, installments and terms they deem appropriate.
  • The fact that the characteristics of the loan can be configured as desired allows a lender to specialize in a particular type of customer with whom it feels more comfortable. By getting to know them better, it will be able to optimally adjust the various loan parameters.
  • Variety of sources. The person receiving the money will not depend exclusively on a single provider, which will give him more leeway and bargaining power.

How cryptocurrencies can help in retail lending

Cryptocurrencies such as Davies are a very useful tool to be able to become private lenders.

The main characteristic of electronic currencies is that they are not centralized: their value does not depend on any organization backing them, but the price is quoted daily based on the supply and demand of their users.

This very decentralized nature makes them perfectly suited to a lending system where no intermediaries are required.

But there is also another series of utilities that make them very suitable tools:

  • No time or space restrictions. Cryptocurrencies do not have a physical support, but their entire operating process is on the Internet. This means that they can be traded from anywhere in the world and at any time, without the limitations of having to go to a bank office in person. Thus, individual lenders can, for example, finance projects in other corners of the planet, and borrowers can benefit from this support that perhaps no local bank would be willing to give.
  • Snapshots. The transfer of cryptocurrencies is done in just a few seconds, regardless of where the lender or the recipient of the money is located. No more waiting hours, days or weeks for someone to authorize the transaction.
  • Maximum security. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. In short, all transactions are recorded in a block of a chain, intertwined with the others, so that one cannot be altered without affecting the others. Therefore, falsifying or deleting a transaction is a possibility that disappears, thus preventing fraud.

Become a private money lender with Davies

If this system sounds interesting to you, then let’s get started! With Davies it is very easy to become a private lender and put your money to work while helping others.

The process is very simple.

You just have to register in the application, validate your identity, make a purchase of Davies and, when you have them in your wallet, make a loan offer in the corresponding section. You set the conditions, and if someone who needs money is interested, they will contact you to reach an agreement.

Afraid you won’t get paid? Don’t worry. All users have a public score that evaluates their reliability on previous operations, which will help you to choose well to whom you leave your money. But also, if necessary, we will provide the authorities with all the information needed to process any complaint for theft or robbery.

Check out their page to find out more about Licensed Money Lender Singapore.


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