“ Opera, the pop music
of the sixteenth
and seventeenth century”

While music has evolved greatly over the centuries, opera is still very relevant to society today, depicting the same tragedies and joys as what we hear and see in the media!

So you might ask, why then do we sing with highly dramatized facial expressions, mouths wide open and loud resonating voices? Many do not know that this is in fact an innovation of humankind. As technology was not quite advanced enough for the usage of microphones and speakers back then, people had to find a healthy and dynamic method of vocal production such that they could be heard in a large space.

Perhaps also, we just enjoy our dramatic endeavours in expressing ourselves!

Here at New Opera Singapore, we aim to reshape and revolutionize opera in the most modern and innovative of ways, presenting the art not only as a form of entertainment but also as an educational and inspirational experience for people from all walks of life. As a non-profit organization, we comprise of a youthful generation of Singaporean musicians with a passion for opera and western vocal music, committed to sharing our love and knowledge for music with you.
We believe that music is universal and should be accessible for everyone. Like your favourite eye- candy actors and actresses on TV, we believe we have the dashing traits and enamouring qualities to enrich the lives of our audiences too. We seek to produce works of the highest quality and artistic calibre, bringing you along on an emotional journey of tears, joy and laughter. Most importantly, we serve to provide a platform for young talents in Singapore and in the region to hone their potential in opera.
  • How We Started

    Formed in July 2011 by soprano Jeong Ae-Ree, New Opera Singapore has been changing the face of opera here in the local music scene with an adventurous spirit and contemporary attitude. Through its productions, from the well-known My Days with Dido and My Nights with Aeneas, Die Fledermaus, Turn of the Screw, to the original Opera Comique series, New Opera Singapore has provided a platform for local performers young and old to grow in talent and experience, introducing local audiences to the world of opera. Furthermore, NOS believes in providing music education of various levels to a wider audience, engaging the heartlands through community outreach programmes at schools, libraries, and even business centres. Through our bite-sized opera programme “Who’s Afraid of Opera?”, local communities are treated to an array of arias and art songs. Many who have never before stepped into an opera house will even start singing along to some these catchy and haunting tunes.

    New Opera Singapore’s efforts are slowly but surely demystifying opera and its pre-conceived impressions. We believe in an eclectic reinvention of opera that is not only accessible but also hip, cool and “Always Something New”

  • Make A Difference Today

    We believe in providing equal learning opportunities for people from all walks of life. Beyond performing, an education in the arts equips students with creativity, discipline and a powerful tool of expression. Hence, we would like to extend our outreach towards Fundwell on the support of underprivileged children and youths.

    As part of this collaboration, NOS will be holding singing workshops. They will be led by our Artistic Director, Ms Jeong Ae Ree as well as the NOS Artist-In-Residence. The workshop will be focusing on the art of proper and healthy singing as well as learning how to use music to aid in self-expression.

    If you believe in what we believe in, do show your support by donating to us or purchasing a ticket for an underprivileged youth to experience the wonders of music and opera today!

    New Opera Singapore Committees
    Audit Committee:
    Ms Tan Sook Yee / Mr Michael Tay
    Artistic Committee:
    Ms Jeong Ae Ree / Mr Chan Wei Shing
    Fundraising Committee
    Mr Michael Tay (Chairman) / Mrs Goh Chok Tong
    Mrs Tan Sook Yee / Ms Felicia Fu
    Ms Lye Ling Heng / Mr Clemente Benelli
    Appointment Committee
    Ms Jeong Ae Ree / Mrs Tan Sook Yee
    Human Resource Committee
    Ms Jeong Ae Ree / Mrs Tan Sook Yee