Know about window air conditioning

We still have a long way to go before summer arrives here in Spain, however, many people are already looking for an air conditioning system that will allow them to face the high temperatures that will surely arise during this 2020.

Among the enormous variety of alternatives that we can find in the market, is the window air conditioning and today, precisely, we will discover everything about this model.

The window air conditioning is one of the main options if what you are looking for is a compact and easy to install solution in your home. It is a stand-alone model that differs from the traditional split model because instead of having two units to operate, it only requires one, where it integrates all the necessary components.

Today we want to share essential information about this kind of equipment, so that you can decide in advance whether or not it is worthwhile to purchase this air conditioner online for your home.

5 facts about window air conditioning

We gathered a list of 5 curiosities about window air conditioning:

Beyond the window

This is a common confusion among those who want to know what window air conditioning is all about. Because, although its name clearly alludes to that location, it does not necessarily have to be placed in or under a window.

This kind of equipment is embedded in a wall or window. Because of the ease of installation in this part of the house (the window), many people place it there, but it can also be embedded in a wall where there is no such opening.

This is not a split

If you visit an online store of air conditioners you can easily compare the window equipment with a split. Many people confuse them, thinking they are the same. This is another of the most common confusions regarding this model.

The window air conditioner is a system that works with a single console, where it incorporates all the necessary elements to work. Like the split is usually considered a wall unit, but unlike this, only has a single unit and, on the other hand, both its composition, as its operation, are different.

Air conditioning without works

One of the issues that every user should pay attention to when buying air conditioning online is the installation conditions of the unit he is going to buy.

Many times, for reasons beyond one’s control, it becomes impossible to carry out works in certain spaces and buildings. For those cases, the ideal is to choose an air conditioning system that does not require a too complex process to install and operate. That is when window air conditioning becomes an ideal option.

The installation of this kind of system is as simple as embedding the unit in a wall or even simpler if you place it in a window. It requires practically no building work to operate and this allows you to reduce costs and time to get it up and running.

Low investment

Another notable feature of window air conditioning is that it is one of the lowest cost alternatives on the market.

By visiting your online air conditioning store you will be able to check it out. In general, this kind of unit usually represents a much lower investment when compared to other types of models. To this we must add what we mentioned in the previous point, that is to say, that its installation is less expensive than that of other equipment.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is an affordable option in economic terms, window equipment may be the solution you need.

Portable equipment?

Another of the doubts surrounding window air conditioning is the association of this model with portable equipment.

The truth is that, in the case of window systems, you can find fixed models and portable models. What will determine what type each one belongs to will be its installation. That is, if you decide that the air conditioning will be embedded in the wall, then this will make it a fixed window unit. If, on the contrary, you decide to place the device in a window, then you will be able to move it more easily, since it will only be necessary to remove it from there and place it in another window of the house. In that case, you will have a portable window air conditioner.

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