Kinza Towels: The Best Revolutionized Bath Towel of the Century

Kinza Towel Review

Unpopular to some other people’s beliefs, towels play a huge role in everyone’s daily lives. No matter how we deny the fact, towels will be regularly used right after you take a bath in the morning to prepare for work and even at night after you have an invigorating bath to cleanse of the day’s stress. 

This idea paves us to the truth that we all should not take for granted the things that give us relaxation, especially our own bath linens. 

While you may sometimes be overwhelmed by how plentiful the selections are whenever you go shopping, it is important that you take into account functional features and not just the ones that only seek to aesthetically please you through your eyes. 

You might have heard of the best towels that have their own unique individual features but we want you to look at Kinza towels that are made out of 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} Mōsō Bamboo from Japan and claim to have all the different features of the best towels available in the market today in one product. 

In this article, we will go deeper into knowing Kinza as a brand line of spa luxury towels and try to see how this towel brand has become the leading revolutionized towel of this century. 

Kinza Towel and Its Humble Beginnings 

Kinza is a brand of luxury towels based in Singapore. They claimed to build their company around exceptional excellence as they have conducted rigid experimenting and detail-oriented crafting before actually allowing the consumer to feel the luxurious experience through the towels that have been produced through unquantifiable efforts to be on top of their game. 

Kinza, who has the world’s first spa luxury towel, believes that there is a huge difference between a person who ends the day right with an invigorating shower and those who do not. 

They believe that it is important to have the most comfortable towel with you as you conclude the day and recharge yourself before going after the aspirations you have in life and making beautiful moments with your family. 

These efforts paved their way to the hearts of their consumers as the people believe in their mission of bringing the most luxurious spa experience inside the four corners of their individual homes. 

The pioneer luxury brand towel began from a purposeful thought process of a working professional who wanted to pamper himself and placed his utmost dedication to addressing the same problem that everyone has after a long day’s work. 

Kinza Towel Technology

To begin with, Kinza towels are made out of 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} Mōsō Bamboo sourced from Japan which serves as the foundation of the major difference of these towels compared to other brands. 

The Mōsō Bamboo fibers are responsible for the following distinctive features that the Kinza towels have:

Hyper absorbency 

As Kinza Towels are made out of 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} Mōsō Bamboo fibers, it explains how it exceeds the absorbency of other leading brands of towels available in the market as bamboo fibers are proven to be four times as effective as any cotton fibers. Kinza towels can absorb seven times their weight in water and at the same time, dries up faster due to its proprietary technology. 

Softness and durability 

Kinza manages to put together softness and durability in one product by using bamboo fibers, to be considered as a revolutionary material in the industry of towel production. Kinza reassures consumers of the products’ durability through the twisted yarn weave and ensures softness by simply using 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} bamboo fibers for the product. 

Antibacterial properties

Scientifically proven to have antibacterial properties, the Mōsō Bamboo fibers in the Kinza towels add an additional layer against moisture-induced bacterial growth and risks of bacteria-related infection. Additionally, the anti-bacterial growth property ensures that smelly towels will be a problem of the past. 


Kinza towels claim to be suitable for sensitive skins that require utmost care. These towels may also be used for babies with ultimately delicate skin. With this product, irritation caused by skin abrasions will be prevented. 


Kinza Towels are made out of 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} Mōsō Bamboo fibers, thus it follows that these towels are 100{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} organic and are perfect for conscious individuals that actively seek to be of aid to the environment. Using these towels enables you to take care of yourself and at the same time, take care of nature and preserve its purest form. 

Kinza Products

These luxury towels can be bought in two colors – onyx and snow – and has three variants, face towel, hand towel, and bath towel. The price varies between $45 to $75, depending on the variant of your choice. 

If you wish to save, you can buy bulk as they offer bundles sets that will definitely cut your costs while having the best bath experience of your life. The price for bundle sets ranges from $85 to $520 and as you have guessed, the more you buy, the more savings you get. 

What People Has to Say

You may check for yourself all positive customer reviews from the internet but for your convenience, we have collated some of it that you might stumble upon. 

According to Claudia from Singapore, Kinza bath towels are way ahead of other leagues of bath towels. She said, “They are super soft and gentle to the skin“. She also commended how these towels did not have the same funky smell she had with regular cotton towels.

Similarly, Kitty admired how smooth and soft Kinza towels were and thinks that it is pretty luxurious in a positive way. 

We cannot blame you for being so skeptical but if you would like to attest to the product’s quality, maybe it’s time to order your own today.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Final Thoughts 

With all that has been said, Kinza towels make a good addition to your own bathroom at home today. Although these products come with a hefty price when compared to a regular towel, we must look into how Kinza placed all their efforts to achieve the synergy of all the functional features that no other brand lines of towels have. 

Looking into how Kinza towels can add up to the overall value of your bathrooms, their company is worth every penny. 

If you still find the individual price of their product to be expensive, you may look into their bundle set which surely offers a great bargain for consumers on a tight budget. Their bundle sets offer consumers a great deal for the savings you get for purchasing them.

Get an exclusive 10{eca5127fe06818a20a79db5b8370bff134f21b2c50da073c2c68de774edf01e1} discount today by using this code (JOY10) upon purchase.


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