Heavenluxe Bed Sheet Set Review

Heavenluxe Pink Sheet

The Softest And Most Comfortable Sheets We’ve Tried. Imagine snoozing in a bed with the softest sheets you’ve ever tucked into. When we tried Heavenluxe Bedsheet, that’s actually how we felt.

In this review, we’re not only going to talk about how we felt, but we’ll also go over all the main points on the Heaven Luxe Bed Sheet Set–so read on and decide if they’re going to be a great fit (or not!). Here a quick review from one of local influencer.

Material: 100% Organic, Austrian Tencel

The fabric is one important thing to consider when buying new sheets. Heavenluxe bedsheets are made from 100% organic and Austrian Tencel fibres which are produced from wool cellulose of Eucalyptus trees through an advanced award-winning “close-loop” spinning technology, making the fabric strong and more durable.

It also adds a touch of softness to the material that works all the magic to these sheets. Indeed, we love how soft they are.

Thread Count and Weave: Unique and Authentic

They say “the higher the thread count, the better the fabric.” But Heavenluxe brand Singapore busts this myth with their thin, single-ply yarn which is woven in a percale weave using their Luxe Tencel Technology that makes the sheets even softer, luxurious and better than other overpriced bedsheets with 1200 thread counts.

Did we also mention that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee to prove this?

Texture: Ridiculously Soft

These sheets exceed in softness and sheen which is the most comfortable yet durable sheets we’ve ever tried. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The sheets are also designed to be anti-bacterial and anti-ageing with a cooling effect that helps in reducing stress and good night sleep.

Washing and Caring: Low Maintenance

Thankfully, these bed sheets are of low maintenance but require slight restrictions when it comes to cleaning. It’s washing instructions are super simple, though–use cold water for washing and dry them in low heat.

What we like more about Heavenluxe bed sheets is that they become softer in each wash–just don’t use bleach so it won’t strip the fabric. It’s also less prone to wrinkling, even so, instructions and maintenance should be done promptly.

Design and Performance: Fit Snugly and Comes With A Lot Of Colour Options

Though we noticed that there are no flat sheets offered, their fitted sheets stayed snug on our bed as we slept.

Heavenluxe bed sheets are also available in six sizes: Single, Super Single, King, Queen, Super King, California King and come with different colour options such as Angel White, Grey, Navy Blue and Pink.

We’ve tried Angel White, and we’re happy with the colour as if we’re living in a hotel-like experience and Instagram-worthy bedroom. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price of $400 with a 30-day return policy.

Our Final Verdict

Totally worth the investment! When it comes to sheets, it’s always best to look for a brand that is of top-quality and will never disappoint. We love Heavenluxe bed sheets Singapore and we hope you will, too.


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