Artistic Director Jeong Ae Ree
Music Director Chan Wei Shing
Stage Director Kyongsu Kathy Han
Répétiteur Shane Thio
Marquis de la ForceSangchul Jea (Baritone)
Chevalier de la ForceShaun Lee (Tenor)
ThierryJonathan Khoo (Baritone)
BlancheVictoria Songwei Li (Soprano)
Madame de Croissy (First Mother Superior)Patricia Sands (Soprano)
Sister ConstanceCapucine Daumas (Soprano), Christina Thé (Soprano)
Mother MarieRebecca Chellappah (Mezzo-Soprano)
JavelinotSteven Ang (Baritone)
Madame Lidoine (Second Mother Superior)Jennifer Lien (Soprano)
Sister MathildeDorcas Lim (Soprano)
Mother Jeanne of Child JesusGrace Kuo (Soprano)
The FatherReuben Lai (Tenor)
First CommissionerAdrian Poon (Tenor)
Second Commissioner and JailorKeane Ong (Baritone)
OfficerFrancis Wong (Baritone)
Carmelite Nuns (Ensemble)Jeong Ae Ree
Lin Yu Ching
Sindy Keng
Shimona Thevathasan
Jasmine Grace Towndrow
Rachel Ong
Patricia Teng
Phoebe Chee
Marie Luo
New Opera Singapore Orchestra
Violin 1 Chua Lik Wuk
Nikolai Koval
Ang Shao-Wen
Wu Bingling
Ye Zhi
Nattawat Luantampol
Violin 2 Lim Shue Churn
Chan Si-Ning
Chia Jit Min
Jocelyn Ng
Viola Janice Tsai
Christoven Tan
Oh Han Ling
Jonathan Lee
Cello James Ng
Chan Si-Han
Wu Fan
Double Bass Sanche Jagatheesan
Julian Li
Piccolo Shirley Tong
Flute Tay Hiong Kiat Marcus
Shirley Tong
Oboe Tay Kai Tze
Jeremy Wong
Cor Anglais Frankie Toh
Clarinet Vincent Goh
Ng Shao Chuen Ivan
Bass Clarinet Chow Mung Keong Desmond
Bassoon Aw Yong Tian
Kang Wei, Chester
Trumpets Lau Wen Rong
Ray Chionh Sikai
Erik Tan
Horn Kartik Alan Jairamin
Lin Chunen Ruth
Christopher Shen
Lim Ngee Cheng, Lewis
Trombones Samuel Armstrong
Aldwyn Tan
Tuba Brett Stemple
Harp Teo Charmaine
Dora Lim Ren Hui
Piano/Celesta Shane Thio
Percussion Zhu Zhengyi
Angeline Wee
Timpani Sng Yiang Shan

About the Opera

  1. Would you die for your faith?

    1. Standing before the guillotine, eyes blinded by stare of the merciless sun, ears deafened by the cries of the crowd.

      They scream for your death. Your death. You take another step.

      Your breath, cold against the hot summer air, is quick and ragged.

      Fear creeps down your spine as your sisters are silenced right in front of your eyes, one by one.

      Their song ended abruptly by the sharp kiss of metal on flesh.

      Their life poured to the ground like a dark velvet river.

      To surrender blood and tears for something you believe in.

      Could you die for your faith?

      You lean forward. The collar fits like a lover’s soft fingers around your neck.

      A breath. The soft whisper of the blade as rushes to you.

    2. Silence....

    3. Programme Synopsis

      1. Act 1

        Blanche finds herself at odds with the world, and feels her peace can only be found through living the life of a nun. She gets acquainted with a visibly ill Mother Superior of the Carmelite Order, who points out that Blanche’s fear comes from within, and cannot be assuaged merely by having a religious life. Foreshadowing an ominous future, the dying Mother Superior sees a vision of a ravaged and deserted Chapel, before succumbing to her illness.

      2. Act 2

        The French Revolution brings about a new political climate, one which does not look kindly towards the Church. A new Mother Superior implores the Convent to seek courage through prayer. Blanche receives a visit from her brother and puts up a brave front when asked to leave the monastery to safety. The future of the Carmelite Nuns look bleak.

      3. Act 3

        Amidst a ravaged Chapel, the Nuns take an oath of martyrdom. Blanche gives in to her fear once again and flees to her old, now devastated house. The Carmelite Nuns are arrested and condemned to the guillotine. One by one, they die for their belief but, at the last moment, Blanche resolves to join them, no longer living the life of that little bunny rabbit.